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Our Debut!

Nitrous shares details on our first release, Debut.


Hello! Nitrous here. Checking in as one of the project leads and main developers for Vignette. It has been an entire years' worth of work with so much iterations that have gone through and much ideas that come and go.

Honestly it has been a rough ride. But I'm not here to tell you my life's story. Today, we're going to showcase Vignette Debut.


Let's not beat around the bush. Want to try it out now? Vignette Debut is available for everyone for free over at GitHub.

If you've been sticking with us throughout the entire project, you may have noticed that there's features that didn't make the cut and the build is rather basic. It has been a decision for us to move on with osu!framework, the underlying game framework used to build this version. Alongside it was to simply remove features we deemed not necessary for a technical preview as it added more technical debt and was simply not the main focus of the application.

This decision was rather hard to swallow. Although, worry not as we are not losing much effort done given how we structured the project. For more details regarding this decision, you can read more about it in this article over at GitHub.


1. Why can't I change my avatar and/or background?

  • We are only allowing a specific avatar and background for this technical demo. Please stand by for encore for the full experience!

2. Will you support X distro for Linux?

  • We don't really have an official version for Linux. However, we do have appointed community members to maintain releases for it in other Linux distributions. If you are interested in making releases for your distro, please join our Discord and we'll get you up to speed.

3. Why is it so bare bones?

  • Please understand that the highlight of the Debut milestone is the tracking technology - meaning we only focus on the face tracking, not to mention we also took this opportunity to get the correct user experience in our interfaces as the previous public builds tested the basic functionality already. They are all going to culminate in the stable version, which is Encore. Sorry if you expect these features you saw in the development previews to exist in Debut!

4. Encore this, Encore that, can't you just fix it?

  • We would love to, but if you read our previous blogs before, we have attempted countless of times but at the expense of us doing very bad practices in coding which backfired a lot especially now in Debut. Encore will allow us to start anew, now that we have the building blocks in place, and implement them in a way that all of us will be satisified.

Note: This FAQ may be expanded post-publishing as we get to answer more questions from the community. We'll leave a note when this was last updated!

Known Issues

  • Memory leak when switching from a disabled camera to a good camera.

  • Model eyes (or any drawables that are drawn inside clipping masks) sometime disappear.


The next phase of this project is dubbed "Encore". Everything will be done under a new game engine under Stride and our focus is to make Vignette an extendable application allowing community-made modules.

Our next step is to expand our reach to more storefronts. Such as Steam and the Microsoft Store with a fixed price. This includes the core application and the Live2D module.

Wait, why is Vignette on storefronts paid?

We've tried to make it free; we really did. However, due to Live2D's strict requirements to have a revenue model, it was decided upon that we will ship the storefront versions paid with the Live2D feature prepackaged. Another reason is because the project will become too unsustainable if we provide almost everything. Hence, with a heavy heart, we have decided that our storefront versions are paid.

Fret not, however as we're not commercializing the product. For full transparency, the funds you will pay Vignette on the storefront versions will be split accordingly as follows:

  • 20% of what you pay goes towards Live2D for licensing compliance

  • 10% goes to the Open Source Collective, which is handling the organization's funds.

  • 10% goes to Fosshost, to further their mission in providing services to the entire free and open-source community.

  • What's left will be used to pay our developers and every contributor who has tirelessly worked on Vignette to bring you the best experience possible.

    We will still provide releases over at GitHub for free without the Live2D module.

    We made this decision to reach a wider audience to support both tech-savvy individuals and content creators alike.

Note: Linux releases will be based on the GitHub release.

Support Us!

Love our project and want to help us out? Head over to our Discord and chat with us and other contributors.

Coding isn't really your forte? We also accept donations! We currently have a stretch goal that we have to meet. Upon debut's release, we have updated our sponsorship tiers so you also receive benefits from helping us this way!

  • Aspirant 💡 — $5

    • A Steam or Microsoft Store Key
    • A special role in our Discord Server
    • A badge for your GitHub Profile (for donations done through GitHub Sponsors only)
  • Candidate ❤️ — $10

    • A Steam or Microsoft Store Key
    • 1 month of Priority Support through Email or GitHub
  • Debutant 🎈 — $20

    • A Steam or Microsoft Store Key
    • 3 months of Priority Support through Email or GitHub
  • Rising Star 💫 — $50

    • 2 Steam or Microsoft Store Keys
    • 6 months of Priority Support through Email or GitHub
  • Celebrity 🎙️ — $100

    • 3 Steam or Microsoft Store Keys
    • 12 months of Priority Support through Email or GitHub

Note: Steam or Microsoft Store keys are only distributed once Vignette Encore releases. You will receive an email with a form to request what kind of key you want to receive.

Additionally, all existing donators will be entitled to the tier nearest to their spending. You can head over to our Open Collective page or our GitHub Sponsors page to get started.

Also do note that the entitlements listed may change and be outdated. We will let you know of such changes in an announcement.


This has been a large milestone for this project. I would like to dedicate this section of the post to thank everyone who directly and indirectly supported the project: friends, family, acquaintances, and contributors alike. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible.

Anyways, thank you for checking out Vignette. We hope to further improve our project in the future. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord to get in touch with us and the community as well. Until then, see you in the next post!


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