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Vignette Development Roundup (February 2022)

2 libraries feature-complete, new design language, and some milestones!

Ayane Satomi

Welcome to the monthly development update of Vignette, where we discuss a lot of what happened in Vignette in a nifty digest. We highlight the important moments in the organization as well as the development progress (Spoiler alert: it's very rapid!)

SeeShark and MediaPipe.NET is now feature complete!

We're hard at work in creating the basic blocks of our application, and we're proud to announce that SeeShark, our FFMpeg-powered camera library, is now feature complete, which is then joined by our homebrewn port of MediaPipeUnity, MediaPipe.NET. They will appear in our NuGet repositories shortly and are currently being published on our GitHub Packages Repositories.

Our partnership with Live2D

A partnership months in the making, we are now able to provide Live2D™️ in our official offerings! Live2D™️ will be an optional package for 12.99 USD on Steam and will be available for free for our early backers in Open Collective and GitHub Sponsors.

Live2D partner banner

A new design language!

Vignette historically has used a simple two-color gradient on our logotype. While it was rather simple and effective, this does not represent much of the rest of our design language. Inspired of Edqe's "wave" concept, we created a new design language!

The new design language

As part of our Iris design project, the new design language represents the main tenets of the project: creative, bold, and evocative. Our Press Kit has been updated to represent this changes, and is available as a Sketch file, which will be coming soon!

Thank You!

Of course, we wouldn't be able to do this without the special help out our 9 backers in Open Collective and GitHub Sponsors and 19 contributors in GitHub. They help us create a open future for virtual streaming all around the globe!

Like our progress so far? We encourage you to support us via the following links:

We have a lot going on so we'll be doing this kind of digests in a monthly basis. Until next time!


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